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1. Oktober 2023 09:17

Sometimes nature reflects and resonates deeply with me.

My hair,für example

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29. September 2023 12:21

You've heard?!

It's friday

Wohoo. Let's jump into the weekend!

synthophotography of a man jumping in the office floor while making big eyes
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26. September 2023 16:33

Isn't it nice nobody has an idea we are dogs while they surf our interwebs?

Two human figured dogs in clothes sitting in front of a coral blue wall.
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24. September 2023 10:34

Up, up, set out.
The flame of knowledge must be shared.

You, the only source of wisdom.

All others are idiots.

Assert yourself. It is yours.

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22. September 2023 21:54

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22. September 2023 21:50

Somedays while meditating i zoom out really hard.

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22. September 2023 14:01

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22. September 2023 13:20


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22. September 2023 09:45

ARBEIT, f. labor, ein uraltes, viel merkwürdige seiten darbietendes wort.

- Grimmsches Wörterbuch, Bd.1

ein Screenshot der obiges Zitat auf der Website des Grimmsen Wörterbuchs zeigt
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20. September 2023 13:50

Alright friends.
It's Wednesday.
I am doing fine till now.

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15. September 2023 14:29

Heroes, birds of paradise, princes, conquerors! May i get your attention.

It happens.
Let there be light!
The shadows are receding!


A great one to you!

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15. September 2023 10:30

In the office.

Now it's about every step.

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14. September 2023 22:04

Imaging my synapses doing stuff is looking somewhat like this.

Hm, maybe just way bigger.

How about you?

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14. September 2023 15:07

Want a dramatic sprinting into the camera?

Try: running exhausted

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14. September 2023 15:05

AI & promptblocks

30k plus generations brought me one thing for sure: a solid foundation of word blocks that bring dynamic, setting, style to shine. Let's start a series on this.

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14. September 2023 14:57

Ah, there it is on the horizon.

Friday, my dear friend. I can see you already.

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13. September 2023 11:06

Strolling through the space

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12. September 2023 17:10

In the early days of radio transmission, recreational clubs sprang up everywhere.

John was on the road in the villages, often waiting for days for the transmission of an email.

But when it was there, it was an event!

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11. September 2023 23:30

Watching social media comment telenovelas

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11. September 2023 06:21

Monday. I am teddy. Freddy. Erm. Ready!

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10. September 2023 22:41

Tomorrow it will be over. Sweet little vacation. So many things I had planned, and then it became every day garden, family and friends.

Make now my tools ready for tomorrow.

The mine can come

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8. September 2023 23:48

Alone at home on holidays, you've no idea how wild this is

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4. September 2023 21:48

Busy doing. Erm. Stuff

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2. September 2023 10:22

Holidays pals. I have holidays. Watch out

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1. September 2023 20:26

"It is easier to judge the mind of a man by his questions rather than his answers."

by Pierre-Marc-Gaston, duc de Lévis (1764–1830)

non real photo generated via AI of a woman, circa 1960, thinking about judging other persons.
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1. September 2023 12:18

Burp carnivorous plants?

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1. September 2023 11:58

Glances meet, without intention,
it seems,
on the surface, it simmers,
and visible,
a first blush.

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31. August 2023 16:25

Sparks of joy erupt from nowhere. Whisper softly, promise, entice, celebrate life.

Follow me.
You will not regret it.

Gently you hear their whisper.

Very close to your ear.

Very close. In your head.

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29. August 2023 08:04

Good morning small, big and furry friends

Sythophotographed maybe me looking into the artificial camera with big eyes wondering about the World
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27. August 2023 23:30

Monday is around the corner!

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27. August 2023 12:08

Finally, I got the first batch out of our garden

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26. August 2023 01:17

So. Party is over. Music is off. Home and lights out

Good night

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25. August 2023 20:14

Happy weekend!

Action prompt addon used: Flinching or starting, the body jumping slightly

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25. August 2023 19:27

Monday waits stoically until the fluff is over

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25. August 2023 14:41

Friday longingly imagines all the trips through mountain and valley

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25. August 2023 11:39

Friday looks longingly into the weekend

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25. August 2023 10:09

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24. August 2023 09:34

AI & job world - did you know that since AI took over judging in sports there are actually even more humans involved - to make it look nice and observe and celebrate the decisions?

Sounds like the founding of a new priest class to me

priests of the AI cult, standing on the shining golden artificial intellligence altar inside a wall street temple
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23. August 2023 15:05

## Headlines imagined

"Explosive intervention by Pope Francis"

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22. August 2023 19:16

Strolling a little without orientation through latent space having fun with two word prompts.

Fav of the day: deer rider

... and some pan-ning and cropping and you know. BUT, deer rider - it's a bringer. Sometimes it shows also a modern version

illustration done via AI that shows a motorcycle which is decorated with a deer antler driven by a female biker
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18. August 2023 19:38

Grandma, loosing it nearly all getting trapped by Orega.

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18. August 2023 13:10

Grandfather had many interests. His urge to constantly search for something new to grill was probably the biggest.

Oh woe. He worked for the ministry for "alien plants + meat".

Guests always asked who had cooked today

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18. August 2023 12:55

The contact team Grandma was on was one of the first to be installed in this country. The diversity of the universe had to be digested first. She swore there were many surprises.

Sometimes that took a while.

Photo of grandma, which doesn't like birds like pidgeons and the like, in front of a swarm of little floating aliens
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18. August 2023 12:18

My grandmother always told me to "keep my cool" in any situation. Well, I have the funniest memories in the most surprising moments.

First, a selfie.

As soon as no one imitates me.

Photo of me as a young lad in front of a new found alien species, which looks like a big ball of leathery goof
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16. August 2023 23:27

Good night friends

I love the view onto the tiny ones, the hidden ones. They often have the deepest stories to tell.

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16. August 2023 16:45

Sorry, i have no words those days. Lots of synthographies, lots of drams caught, no words that I can express, no intensification, no esprit.

But hey, let's look at those moments at the small things.
They are beautiful.

micro synthography of a alien plant that glows slightly blue and has golden, little hairs
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13. August 2023 11:01

Barbara felt how much she had a grip on the summer, nothing could surprise her. It was 1963, technology had made so much easier or possible. Her dataset was directly connected. The allies always with her.

[prompt/details in the alt]

synthography of a blond woman wearing a google with four green glasses is also connected to a thin white plastic headband which functions as neuro teleunit to connect her to her masters. She calls them allies, but the truth is something more nuanced.
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12. August 2023 23:50

I love you all

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11. August 2023 09:34

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