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22. Mai 2024 13:08

Finkel the alien was very conscious of his brilliant forest camouflage as he mingled with the hikers. It was just a clever use of his transport radar.

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22. Mai 2024 08:34

up, into the office!

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16. Mai 2024 12:21

Jezzuz Oida!

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16. Mai 2024 10:53

Off onto new continents we create

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16. Mai 2024 09:58

Bisoziation - combinding two list of things to create new views

Prompt: jesus von nazareth as a skater in a skatepark

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15. Mai 2024 12:52

How do you remember watching Star Trek, UFO, Dr. Who, Red Dwarf, Odyssee 2001 for the first time?

Basic Prompt: vintage movie still from bbc series Blakes 7 from a dynamic futuristic japanese _________ (for example: kinetic battle scene)

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14. Mai 2024 12:50

In the next life I will become a professional flower picker and butterfly breeder.

from: "Thoughts for Tuesday. Dream successfully, day and night"

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13. Mai 2024 10:59

On Monday. Previously long weekend. Who does not know it? Finally in the office. Finally join the masses of shapeless workers. Find meaning in all the Excel tables. Make sense with all the messages that need to be printed. Bring joy with all the bills and reminders. I'm looking forward to the new car. For the manager.

Lol. Don't worry!
Just fun.

Today there is cake for everyone in the office.
I gave him a lot of schnapps.

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12. Mai 2024 09:44

Rüdiger, the apartment block manager, was a carrot grower, sunshine in his underpants and a passionate samba dancer. All of this secretly, at night, exclusively on OF - until his mom subscribed to him

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11. Mai 2024 12:18

Global warming ob it's track to 3 degrees

"Many also mentioned inequality and a failure of the rich world to help the poor, who suffer most from climate impacts. “I expect a semi-dystopian future with substantial pain and suffering for the people of the global south,” said a South African scientist, who chose not to be named. “The world’s response to date is reprehensible – we live in an age of fools.”"

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6. Mai 2024 10:54

We have prostituted ourselves to profit, by condemning the future of our children, just so that we can have the iPhones, burgers and travel getaways which they won’t have, let alone even be able to remember what an iphone or a burger, or a holiday was. Because they will be busy fighting each other for food.

(Text from George Tsakraklides,

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6. Mai 2024 00:25

Monday? Really?
OK. Lets do it.
Lets rob the man

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5. Mai 2024 09:04

Ever since he stopped smoking, this craving for mushrooms had become a new topic for Klaus. What was he doing in the forest at four o'clock all the time?

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4. Mai 2024 09:20

Hello everyone, it looks like vacation time! Where do you want to go?

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3. Mai 2024 13:32

After once again wasting hours with these short videos, Ranbo was almost too late to rescue the hostages

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2. Mai 2024 15:54

Some days Karla wasn't sure whether this immortality transplant was a really well thought out idea

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28. April 2024 17:17

the little mean guy in my head who plays drums all the time

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27. April 2024 09:20

Just one more flick

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26. April 2024 12:46

tired and exhausted

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20. April 2024 20:02

Our whole social structure is captured by economical benefits and based on violence

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20. April 2024 15:55

Not my type of weather

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19. April 2024 11:28

For a few days now, Holger hasn't been sure which is really up and which is down

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18. April 2024 11:31

When casting magic spells there are some arcane rules hidden beyond you have to follow young padawan!

Official Claude LLM prompt guide:

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18. April 2024 09:22

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17. April 2024 08:38

Hummy, always stylish, always ready

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17. April 2024 08:33

somedays inside my head

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16. April 2024 11:06

Getränke waren günstig. Ich habe viele.

Ende der Geschichte.


Prompt: Draw a bar in the style of the movie called the yellow submarine from the Beatles

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14. April 2024 12:14


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11. April 2024 16:22

Your job is to get a job!

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9. April 2024 14:18

Cat life

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8. April 2024 10:47

Recently there were some very astonishing discoveries in the archives of Viennas Nature History Museum.

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6. April 2024 08:48

Demigods from outer space

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3. April 2024 14:03

Prompt the same thing in different languages - and see training flaws and biases live and in color 😉

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2. April 2024 09:48

Start of the week. I am ready.

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1. April 2024 15:30

We are coming to the end of an economic hallucination which lasted thousands of years.

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25. März 2024 19:59

Trying my best to integrate into Berlin chic

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24. März 2024 18:51

Reality distorts us until our dreams are no longer recognizable

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24. März 2024 14:17

Loosing myself in overthinking to often these days.

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22. März 2024 13:10

Helge was a sailor with heart and soul. He didn't have much on his mind apart from ships

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22. März 2024 10:50


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21. März 2024 07:28

Theo plundered and robbed his way to India in search of tea

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20. März 2024 07:38


loved tea, buiscuits and crotcheting

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19. März 2024 17:09

Berlin, waiting for me

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19. März 2024 12:51

Need to go to Berlin

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18. März 2024 14:27

Symbolic image: Me and the madness of the world

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18. März 2024 08:42

Das die Wichtigkeit der Streiks erst durch Gier, Umverteilung, Pfuscherei in der Entscheiderebene und Ungerechtigkeit gegen viele darunter entstanden will man nicht sehen?

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17. März 2024 07:54


Happy sunday you ***†**** 😘

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16. März 2024 07:29

Explorer of the unseen

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15. März 2024 19:50


Here i come

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15. März 2024 12:53

Fridays: Coffee kitchen

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